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Review the OFFICIAL RITE AID COUPON POLICY. Make sure to bring a copy with you when shopping at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid is quickly becoming a drugstore favorite. We tend to find countless deals and Single Check Rebates that trump CVS Easy Care Bucks and Walgreens Register Rewards. Once you start shopping Rite Aid, we’re sure it will end up being one of your favorites also.

Rite Aid has a number of different opportunities to save. Here are a few shopping tips to help get you started.

Rite Aid Store Coupons:
Looking to boost your savings? There are a number of places to look for Rite Aid store coupons that can be “stacked” with manufacturers coupons.
» The bottom of your Rite Aid receipt. Often times you’ll find high-value coupons there.
» Weekly newspaper insert- Rite Aid provides many in-store coupons in their weekly newspaper insert.
» Video Values- watch manufacturers commercials and earn Rite Aid store coupons. See “Video Values” section below for more details.

Prescription Coupons:
Rite Aid issues high-value prescription transfer coupons so keep your eyes peeled. In addition, most Rite Aids take competitors pharmacy coupons, so a $25 CVS prescription coupon should be accepted at Rite Aid. Call your local store to inquire about their policy.

Purchased Based Coupons:
Rite Aid is consistently releasing purchased-based coupons, typically $3/$15 and $5/$25. The minimum total is calculated before all coupons are subtracted. You are only allowed to use 1 purchased-based coupon per transaction. You can use manufacturers coupons and Rite Aid store coupons on top of a purchased based coupon.

Wellness + Rewards Card:
Rite Aid is slowly rolling out a Wellness + Rewards Card Program. Only four test areas (including San Diego, Buffalo, Harrisburg and Greensboro) require the use of a Wellness Card to obtain sale pricing and rebates. Rite Aid will be rolling out the Wellness Card to all other areas this spring. theDealyo will provide details as they come online. Click here to sign up and view other rewards that accompany the card. Plus receive a $5/$25 coupon just for signing up.

Coupon Order:
As with all drugstores there is a “right” way to hand coupons to the cashier: purchased based coupon (ex: $5/$20), manufacturer coupons and finally Rite Aid coupons. This order ensures your total is high enough to utilize the purchase-based coupon and also allows you to maximize savings.

Video Values:
Rite Aid has a unique online program that allows you to earn Rite Aid store coupons for watching manufacturers commercials. Once a month, you can earn a bonus $5/$20 purchase-based coupon for watching a pre-determined number of online videos. Simply sign up here and start earning coupons.

Single Check Rebates:
Throw every preconceived notion you have about rebates out the window, because Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate System (SCR) isn’t your typical “mail in rebate” program. No more mailing in receipts and UPC codes just to wonder if they are lost in the mail. Rite Aid has revolutionized the rebate process and it’s not one to miss.

Unlike CVS that issues ECB or Walgreen’s RR, Rite Aid provides cash back in the form of a Single Check Rebate.

Sign up for a Rite Aid account and enter receipts manually to receive credit for your purchase. You do not need to mail anything or worry about UPC codes.

Rite Aid’s monthly rebate program does not fall on calendar dates and vary from month to month (they don’t necessarily start on the 1st and end on the 31st). There are pre-designated dates so check the schedule to ensure you’re aware of the start and end dates.

Want to know what’s the current SCR items are? View them online here.

You do not have to purchase all items in one transaction. For example, if the SCR states “buy three shampoos” and receive $5 back, you can buy the shampoo all at once or in different transactions. Just make sure they are all purchased within the designated time frame. Some SCR are weekly and others are month long.

You may request your rebate check at anytime during the month, however you may only request one check per month. Therefore it’s best to wait until the end of the month to request your check.  Once requested, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to receive your check.  The check will look like a pink postcard, not a traditional mailed check.

Rain Check
Out of Stock? Not a problem. Rite Aid issues rain checks for out of stock sale items. Ask any cashier and they will happily issue a rain check. When requesting a rain check keep in mind:

» Rain check expires in 30 days (a new rain check may be issued if the item still isn’t in stock)
» Confirm  your receipt prints the word “rain check”; you’ll need this to submit for rebate.
» If you purchase outside the offer period, you’ll need to mail or fax your rebate request instead of using the online SCR program.

Mail to:

Riteaid Single Check Rebates
PO Box 8340
Wilmington, DE 19803
Fax to: 1-800-457-2243

Include your full name, address, contact information and Wellness Card number (if applicable). Also include the rebate number, rebate offer month and rebate amount due.