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Reindeer Cam- Free Live Feed of Santa’s Reindeers!


Here’s a fun freebie for the kiddos. Watch a Live Camera Feed of Santa’s Reindeer!  Fortunately they have set “feeding times” so you won’t miss them.

This schedule is valid through Christmas Eve! On Christmas Eve at 9pm you can watch Santa take his Reindeer to deliver presents!

PST (Pacific) – 8AM, 3PM, 6PM
MST (Mountain) – 9AM, 4PM, 7PM
CST (Central) – 10AM, 5PM, 8PM
EDT (Eastern) – 11AM, 6PM, 9PM
GMT UTC – 4PM, 11PM, 2AM

PST (Pacific) – 3PM
MST (Mountain) – 4PM
CST (Central) – 5PM
EDT (Eastern) – 6PM


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Earn A Free $150 Amazon Gift Card


Here is a very easy way to score a FREE $150 Amazon Card, each month. You will have it well before Christmas which is a bonus. There’s no purchase or credit card needed! Here’s theDealyoc;

1. Create an account
2. Mouse over your name on the top right
3. Click on “invite a friend”
4. Get 6 friends to signup (you can post your link on theDealyo Facebook page)
5. Receive your FREE $150 Amazon Gift Card via email within 7 days!

Note – I have PERSONALLY been a member of this site for 2+ years to check in on my credit balance and to monitor for weird activity. This is a legit offer and company.


via The Daily Goodie Bag

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