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Bloggers – Awesome Tool To Help Protect Your Work


This is a random thing to get excited about, but as a writer/blogger, I deal with countless individuals who find it easier to steal recipes, content, etc. instead of creating their own. Yes, it’s quicker and easier but come on, how unethical can you be? If you’re too lazy to create your own content you’ll be too lazy to actually make a go of your website, so why bother?

When you find your work “stolen” and republished elsewhere it’s frustrating and oftentimes illegal, and can be hard to track. Thankfully I found a new company to help keep tabs on my content: Grammarly.

Grammarly is a software suite used to check for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors enhance vocabulary usage and suggests citations. PLUS – they offer plagiarism detection! They check the text against 8 billion websites! Just enter your existing text, from time to time, to see what pops up. This can get tedious so I only do it for my most popular articles, which tend to be recipes.

Even if you’re not a blogger this is a great program to help correct your spelling, grammar, and punctuation!

FREE Version

100 points of grammar
Contextual Spellchecker
Punctuation checks
Works anywhere on the web


All of the above +
250+ points of grammar
Sentence structure
Style checks
Vocabulary enhancement
Plagiarism detection
Document type checker
(business, academic, etc.)
Microsoft® Office™ add-in
I recommend registering for a free account and playing around with it to see what you’re gaining access to.

This is a GREAT source to locate all of the unscrupulous peeps who don’t think stealing your words, and in some cases photos is stealing. I don’t get it, but I’m guessing they didn’t have the same type of parents I did. An annual plan will run you $11.88 per month. Not too shabby to get some satisfaction!

About Grammarly: Grammarly has more than 3 million registered users and is used by more than 100 educational and corporate clients, including Princeton University, University of South Florida, University of Virginia, and many others. It offers an online spell and grammar checking application that helps users find and correct English writing issues. Grammarly makes a meaningful impact in users’ lives; students get better grades, professionals accelerate their career progress, and language learners improve their written English.

And for the record, yes this post was run through Grammarly prior to posting!

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