Shop Your Way Mystery Award Card ($5 – $15 Value)

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Shop Your Way Mystery Award Card ($5 – $15 Value)


Through April 12th, Shop Your Way Reward Members can earn a totally FREE $5 – $15 Mystery Award Card via their Sears Days Mystery Award Card Promotion!

You MUST be a Shop Your Way Rewards Member (FREE) to get this RAD freebie!

PLUS- this can be done for every adult member of your family! Just repeat the below steps for each person.

The Mystery Card is worth a minimum of $5, but they are increasing a ton of cards to $10 or $15!! You will receive your Mystery Card via email within 14 days!


1. MUST DO- Sign in or Log in to your FREE Shop Your Way Account (Free)

2. Head over HERE and click the “Get Started” Button

3. Answer 3 short questions and the $5 – $15 mystery card is yours!


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