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Albertsons does not post the current coupon policy online, however theDealyo received the following guidelines in response to an inquiry submitted to Customer Service.

Store Coupons
Company’s discount offers in various forms of media including, but not limited to, print, electronic, newspaper, direct mailers, kiosks and Company websites. Store coupons may also contain the words redeemable only at Albertsons (or a banner of Albertsons). Store coupons may state that the discount applies only with Preferred Card/Super Card/Loyalty Card.

Catalina Checkout Coupons/Rebates
Catalina is a third party vendor that partners with vendors and Albertsons to offer both manufacturer coupons and Albertsons in-store coupons. The coupons are triggered by purchasing qualified items at check out which generate a coupon to print on the Catalina printer. It is Albertsons’ policy that these coupons are to be used in a future purchase, not within the purchase in which they are generated.

Catalina coupons can only be given to the customer for whom they were intended (not to any other customer or associate). If a customer does not want their Catalina coupons, it is Albertsons’ policy that the cashier destroys them immediately. Catalina may be contacted at 1-888-826-8766 for any questions about redemption and\or if a coupon fails to print within a transaction.

We will not accept competitor Catalina coupons.

When redeeming a store coupon the terms printed on the coupon must be adhered to.

We do not accept competitor store coupons; these are limited to Albertsons only/Supervalu only.

Internet Coupons 
Coupons printed from an Internet website presented for redemption with a qualifying purchase.

Albertsons DOES NOT accept Internet coupons containing the following conditions:

» Free product offers that do not require a purchase
» Redemption value exceeding $5.00
» Absence of UPC bar code

Photocopied Internet coupons- Most Internet sites will print a time and date stamp on the coupons, and limit each ISP address to two coupons total. If multiple coupon have the same time and date stamp this could be an indicator the coupon was photocopied, and should not be accepted. This is not a policy of the store but rather a means to prevent coupon fraud

The acceptance of competitor coupons varies by region. Contact your local store for their policy.